Active Members

Kaluram Gurjar

Kaluram is a resident of Bhawata Agar Thanagaji district Alwar Rajasthan village where the villagers have been facing a lot of water problems since 5-6 years. The people are not able to do their farming and animal husbandry properly. 
Kaluram as an active member of Maati Meet formed a team of 8 - 10 people from that village and worked on broken parts of an old dam to stop water from running off.When it rained 60 percent of the reservoir got filled.This helped the wells and tubewells get enough water for irrigation of the two crops.However,to harvest all the rainwater for irrigating all the crops , work has to continue.


Pawan Kasotiya

Pavan Kasotiya a Bachelors of Arts second year student is an active member of village improvement group.Pavan started his studies in Masti ki Pathshala and completed his schooling from the local government school. Pavan is apt at carpet weaving like many other villagers of the area . He likes to explore nature and read.

Pavan feels strongly for his roots and wishes the children of the village to excel in academics and stay connected to their roots. His endeavor is to work as hard as he did in restoring the damaged dam.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar is a 19 year old active member of Center of Maatimeet for reforms. He is pursuing his class 12th in the local government school. He lost both his parents when he was a small child and since then he has been on his own At present he manages to pay for his own education by doing odd jobs in his free time. Deepak's life is the most inspiring and fascinating.

Deepak is a role model for the youngsters of the area and his struggles encourage all the other kids to study hard, make their life worth living and like him work on damaged dam and other improvements needed in the area.