Little known land of bliss and peace

Agar Bhawata

These are 1000 years old remote villages in Rajasthan situated at a distance of 26 kilometers from Sariska Tiger reserve. Agar Bhawata have schools for girls and boys, washrooms inside homes, and provisions for both electricity and water pipelines. Some may even argue that it is no longer a village, because of the stage of development it has reached. However, these villages – are unspoiled, the kind we do not come across easily. The freshest air, bluest sky, students taking their animals for grazing or helping in farming after school hours – are enchanting. Most people have never visited a city; they do not miss it, as they are happy in their small world. 


The Panchayat

The Panchayat provides rural infrastructure and socio-economic growth opportunities for the people of the area. Panchayat consists of elderly and wise people chosen by the local community.It is headed by Mukhya or Sarpanch.

The Panchayat and the villagers wish to venture towards making Agar Bhawata a Tourist destination especially for the traveller visiting Sariska which is only half an hour from these villages.

The Women

The women of these villages with either long colourful gungats or heads covered have been weaving carpets on looms in their houses. They are also trained in stitching.They are becoming  self- sustaining by stitching ‘Poshak’- the traditional gagra, shirt and dupatta.

They sell the poshaks in the local market.Their plans are to sell them to tourists once Agar Bhawata becomes a tourist destination and e- market it through e-portal of Boond se Sagar another spark of Vatavaran Rhizome  to the  other parts of the country and world.


The elders

Village elders tell engaging stories in most fascinating way. They are the role models. The well-known story is the building of a helipad with mud, ash, crushed stones and cow dung when Prince Charles was to come to this village to honor the elders for their acumen of making water-harvesting structures.   

The elders also train and  motivate the younger generation to work towards the betterment of the villages including rain water harvesting structures.