The area has the potential to become a popular tourist destination.


Agro Tourism

Agro Tourism :Man and woman both participate in crop farming in this Area. Goat grazing is also followed here . Tourists will get to see various farming techniques ,identify crops and farm lands. They will be encouraged to take part in sowing,irrigating, weed removal , organic farming,manure making and crop harvesting.

Village Tourism

A walk in the village reveals the genuine, warm, simple lifestyles, beautiful brightly clad women, farm lands, animal husbandry and mud homes ready to serve unaccountable cups of tea, milk, butter milk, paranthas etc. Agar Bhawata are little known land of bliss and peace. The first response of visitors hungry for fresh air would be gulping of air, so fresh as if it had double the amount of life giving Oxygen. The sky above is healthy clear blue. The sunset behind the hills is better than any painting ever and as it gets dark the twinkling stars fill every one with awe. The elders of Agar Bhawata wearing white dhoti, bandi/angrakha, turban and Juties not only look fascinating but also tell fascinating true stories. These humble people have a vast expanse of valuable indigenous knowledge.

Handicraft Tourism

Unmasking the rich culture of Agar Bhawata are their Handicrafts of poshaks, jhuttis. Tourist could take back ‘Poshak’ stitched by the local women, hand made hardy Juties made by local cobblers. Most households have looms for carpet weaving. Both men and women weave beautiful, intricate carpets, which eventually are sold, in international markets for thousands of US Dollars.